Faces (helene)

The newest short film from director Michael Babbitt & Bombshell Studios, LLC, which takes another look at the legend of Helen of Troy through four short stories interwoven together in a tapestry of human tragedy and hope.

No Reason At All

North Carolina folk music artist Brenda Linton and her band, The Kinglets, sing about love and loss in this touching song. The music video was also directed by Michael Babbitt of Bombshell Studios, LLC out of Hillsborough, NC.

The Vodou Archive

Our small team of researchers came to Gonaives in November 2012 at the invitation of Oungan Michelet Tibosse Alisma in order to document Gede ceremonies and Vodou practice in Gonaives more broadly for the Digital Library of the Caribbean – Vodou Archive. Our group of visiting researchers was made up of Ben Hebblewaithe & Aimee Green (University of Florida), along with Claire Payton & myself (Duke University). Funded by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.


A young African-American girl compares herself with a model in a magazine and questions if she will ever be as beautiful. ‘Pickaninny’ was inspired by Norman Rockwell’s Girl at Mirror which was the cover for the March 6, 1954 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. I directed this film for my Motion Picture Directing class at Saint Augustine’s University, and did the cinematography & editing as well.

SFBFF Laurel

Official Selection – San Francisco Black Film Festival 2013

The Journal at Lake Johnson

Community journals provide safe places to speak, listen and to be heard. This documentary, which I directed in New Media class at Saint Augustine’s University, focuses on the entries of the random park-goers over at Lake Johnson in Raleigh, NC. The journal sits on a memorial bench erected in the memory of John Gentile by his family. Annelies, one of John’s daughters and producer of the film, walks us through some of the touching entries shared in this public space.

John Hope Franklin Institute at Duke University

I have conducted several interviews, where I was doing double-duty of running the camera while being engaged with the interviewee.

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