Currently I work as the Multimedia Director at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University. It is a fantastic place to work– both engaging and collaborative. At Duke, I have also done work with other entities within the university.

This is a promotional video that I had created virtually from scratch. Coordinating interviews, location scouting, shooting, interviewing, editing & color correction– all have yielded a piece that conveys the true excitement these students have towards their education.

The Pauli Murray Project, a part of the Duke Human Rights Center at the institute, created an exhibit that highlights the activist’s life, called Pauli Murray: Imp, Crusader, Dude, Priest. In this video that I produced, shot, and edited, we get a glimpse at an exceptional space created to showcase Pauli Murray’s trials, triumphs, and convictions as a woman ahead of her time.

The institute also has a series of humanities labs, where research and classes share a particular focus in a humanist education. The Global Brazil Lab presents an immersive approach towards understanding the Latin American power, Brazil. This video reflects the planning and insight of the lab’s three directors who are successful at attracting undergraduate & graduate students alike to participate in an enriching conversation about Brazilian culture, economics, & politics. Graphics created using Apple Motion, v. 5.2.2.